Video Advertisement Inside the Auto-Rickshaw

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On the top panel of Auto Driver.

The video is upto 30 seconds.

Yes, this price is discounted price.

With the help of client application, you can track the video’s play time.

The device is fully controlled by the Rickshawpedia IT department. Their is no other control. When Auto Rickshaw Starts, Device ON, Auto Rickshaw OFF Device OFF

10 Inches

The slotting is of 100 autos.

With the help of application.

Company will help you in making the advertisement, but with the help of your raw photos/videos.


Yes, the video includes voice over

Yes, you can.


That day will not count. The days of advertising will increase!

Each advertisement will run guaranteed 1000 times in a day.

Yes, you can.

It is according to different plans.. You can see in the pricing chart!

Other benefits include social media posting!

Can track through the app!