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Rickshawpedia vs Social Advertisement

Social Advertisement vs Rickshawpedia

One of the most well-liked and regularly used strategies for business marketing is video marketing. In contrast to print media, electronic media like television, radio, and newspapers can be either offline or online.

Nowadays, most internet users research a brand or product online before making a purchase. Social media also has a significant impact on product research. Are you looking for the right advertising agency in Indore? Choose the one which helps you get the right solution.

Despite this, it is untrue to say that less cutting-edge marketing techniques are no longer employed. We continue to see commercials on television, on billboards outside, and in other "conventional" ways.

Can we really claim that internet marketing in general, including social media marketing, differs from traditional marketing?

What is Social Media Marketing?


You have definitely seen adverts, suggestions from influencers, or hashtag searches that are targeted to your demographic if you use social media platforms.

Utilizing social media platforms, social media marketing tactics aim to promote a service or product and bring in new customers. If you want to succeed with social media marketing for your business, you must follow these three rules:

  • Authenticity
  • Transparency
  • Honesty

Every successful social media marketing strategy starts with fostering and facilitating communication between the brand and its audience.

What is Traditional Marketing?

Means of traditional marketing

Using traditional media like print, television, direct mail, and other external lead-generation techniques, traditional marketing entails promoting and selling goods or services.

When newspapers existed and businesses started running their adverts in them, print advertising was born. However, the Industrial Revolution and the Age of Enlightenment saw the greatest growth in conventional marketing techniques. Product demonstrations, celebrity endorsements, and product distinction became known to the globe at that time. Nowadays, Rickshawpedia works on auto rickshaw video ads in the local region of Indore.

You might think how is conventional marketing doing in the current era? Is it still relevant today?

Despite the current focus on digital marketing, traditional methods of product promotion can still be helpful.

Rickshawpedia VS Social Media Marketing

Rickshawpedia vs Social Advertisement

To understand how social media marketing is different from Rickshawpedia, it is essential to completely grasp each concept.

Traditional marketing, sometimes referred to as offline marketing, is any marketing strategy utilized prior to the development of the internet. It comprises methods and strategies centered on print media, such as mailers, door-to-door leaflets, newspaper or magazine ads, broadcast and television commercials, and broadcast advertisements. Rickshawpedia is also considered as traditional advertising but the main aim of Rickshawpedia is to bring traditional adverts through IT software development. Rickshawpedia is a cheap advertising agency, which brings auto rickshaw video ads concept in Indore. We installed a 10 inch device inside the auto rickshaw above the driver seat, where passengers can see the ads and can find entertaining content.

The device is completely controlled by an IT team of Rickshawpedia, and we also provide our customer a tracking application through which the client can check the playtime of the video ads. The concept of Rickshawpedia is innovative and workable for small business owners to expand their reach in the local region of Indore.

On the other hand, social media marketing is a key component of the wider concept of digital marketing, a term that is frequently used to refer to online marketing strategies that make advantage of the internet's capabilities. As the name suggests, social media marketing makes use of the widespread use of these websites.

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What Additional Benefits Do Rickshawpedia Team Provide?

Benefit Of Auto RIckshaw Video Advertising

The rickshawpedia concept is very diverse. You can increase engagement very rapidly with the proper strategy. The problem is that your market is incredibly competitive, making it challenging to distinguish yourself from your rivals. So what can you do to differentiate your brand more?

The simplest method to improve your marketing strategy is to use your brands and goods to tell a narrative. Although Rickshawpedia networks offer a range of content options to engage consumers, you should try to attach your tale to a personal experience that your customers will find interesting.

If you are new to your line of work, Rickshawpedia can help you become more visible and introduce yourself throughout Indore. Video ads, which will raise awareness of your brand, make this feasible.

All companies do follow different marketing techniques, however some do so more often than others. Rickshawpedia spring to mind when you think of video ads because they are geared to utilize them to help with better tracking. Select a plan and bring your customers in.

Why Does This Idea Help You Get Success?


Even though digital marketing has mostly supplanted traditional marketing in firms, it is still effective in enhancing your brand. Traditional marketing also has the advantage of being able to reach a larger audience than digital marketing does.

Traditional marketing is essential to establish personal connections with customers and target regional markets. Today's consumers depend on relationships more than ever. They will choose businesses that they think actually care about their well-being and standard of living.

Your attempts to engage your target audience will sound less forced and more genuine as a result.

Rickshawpedia marketing strategies are superior and last longer in the public's memory. You don't have to produce new material as regularly to sell your products or services, indicating that conventional marketing strategies are more long-lasting.

Which is More Advantageous for Your Business: Rickshawpedia or Social Media Marketing?


Although Rickshawpedia and social media marketing have similar goals, they each need a distinct approach to accomplish them. Furthermore, the two approaches use KPIs in various ways. KPIs are metrics used to gauge how well different consumer engagement methods are working.

Because social media marketing is participatory, KPIs that measure connections with current clients are commonly used. Rickshawpedia marketing uses KPIs to measure customer growth, such as foot traffic in a store, while social media focuses on interactive social media platforms, Rickshawpedia concentrates on offline media.

Rickshawpedia allows for more adaptable and customized content, in contrast to other marketing techniques that are often more static and aim to reach a bigger audience.

Regardless of the business marketing approach you select for your company, you will play a crucial role in boosting the reach and expansion of the latter. The capacity to create strategies to engage the audience and passenger behavior makes it a crucial profession in a company.


With the intention of assisting you in becoming a skilled business professional, the Rickshawpedia team helps you in creating video content for your ad.

Contact us to book your ad and start honing your marketing and business abilities.