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Advantages of Auto-Rickshaw Video Advertising

Auto Rickshaw Video Ads can keep users' attention longer than most other ad formats. Autos run on average for 10 hours every day. At least 100 kilometers are covered by auto rickshaws each day. Compared to other media, the cost per unique impression is lower. It spreads in every region and alley that no other advertising media can.

Any video advertisement inside the auto-rickshaw would likewise move throughout the day, covering busy streets, residential neighborhoods, educational institutions, etc. Due to its capacity to cover a huge area of the city in a single day, auto advertising has a significant impact. Roughly 5000 people are drawn to the auto rickshaws since they go roughly 100 kilometers every day.

The best aspect is that the passenger in the traffic jams becomes your captive audience, especially at traffic lights and crossroads when people are getting bored and to watch anything till the signal turns green!

Your video adverts travel wherever the vehicle goes with auto advertising. Anytime, anywhere: it guarantees immediate audience interaction at the most affordable prices. With auto rickshaw video advertisements that smartly spread the word and market your items, you can keep up with the quickly shifting client base. Rickshawpedia offer end-to-end services as an Indore based advertising agency.

Low Price


The inexpensive cost of auto rickshaw video advertising in Indore is one of its key advantages. Auto Rickshaws Ads are a considerably more affordable alternative to billboards and banners when it comes to outdoor media. Auto Rickshaws Ads provide a cheap option to contact your target demographic because you don't necessitate high setup or installation expenditures.

Reach a Particular Audience


Video Advertising inside the auto rickshaws is a fantastic way to target a certain group of people. Depending on the objectives of the campaign, businesses can add unique messaging or videos to their ads to target certain passengers using auto-rickshaws video ads. This enables you to be more versatile with your messaging while ensuring that your adverts only reach the target audience you desire and helps your company grow. Furthermore, placing particular auto rickshaws on particular routes brings you closer to a desired demographic in each location.

More curious about this type of concept read Top 10 Incredible and Cheap Ways of Video Advertising in 2023 to learn more.

More Frequent Advertising


Frequency increases are an advantage of this type of digital advertising. Companies can gradually boost their ad costs with this sort of advertisement since it is less expensive and more efficient than alternative marketing strategies. By utilizing it, advertisers can quickly enhance the frequency of their promotions. This is a fantastic choice in particular for seasonal campaigns or events when constant exposure is required. Additionally, this strategy increases visibility because locals who sit in the auto-rickshaw along these congested streets will see your video ads numerous times by various locations throughout the day! You can select a plan as per your needs.

Geographic Adaptability


Auto Rickshaw Video Advertising provides exceptional geographic versatility. Compared to other local TV advertising, this sort of advertisement enables improved targeting and gives businesses more choice to concentrate their efforts on certain areas. For instance, businesses might focus on certain communities or busy intersections based on their unique requirements and objectives. Additionally, auto-rickshaw advertising enables marketers to swiftly launch or modify a campaign to conform to shifting market needs or consumer behavior.

Make an Eye-Catching Message or Visual


You must develop a message or video that is striking and leaves a lasting impression if you want your auto rickshaw advertising to be effective. What would your audience prefer to hear or see, in your opinion? Create a catchy video, a clever joke, or an intriguing phrase that will make people want to read more.

Think About Your Intended Audience


It's crucial to keep your target audience's demographics in mind while organizing an auto-rickshaw campaign. When creating your message, consider the platforms you'll use to advertise as well as variables like age, gender, and educational attainment. By doing this, you can make sure that your video advertising is being seen by those who are most likely to utilize or buy your goods or services.

Use Several Auto’s for Advertising at once


It's critical to use several different auto-rickshaws to communicate with your target market when creating an effective auto rickshaw video marketing strategy. Think about using 1000+ autos for your advertising or spreading your message all over the city. This aids in the development of an all-encompassing plan that will have the most influence on the target audience.


Rickshawpedia brings an effective concept to get your target audience's attention to your business inside the auto rickshaws throughout Indore. It gives you a flawless brand recall and broad reach by spanning practically the whole city.

You can reach individuals of all ages using the excellent but inexpensive video advertising concept offered by us. This cost-effective transportation medium of advertising on auto-rickshaws ensures that your brand's advertisement receives the most exposure possible. Video ads on auto rickshaws gives your company a broad audience as well as strong brand visibility.

In addition, you can select the location and towns where your brand has a specific target market. Contact us for more details.